Backstage Experience: Medellin, Colombia

While backstage a few nights ago in Medellin, Colombia, lots of interesting discoveries occurred. First, while finishing up our makeup and hair we had a visit from La Escuela Kolacho (The Kolacho School). This was a group of kids that studied hip hop and dancing as a part of a program to keep kids off of the streets. They were just yet another very inspiring group of people that I have met in South America. Here’s a clip of one of the kids showing us how it’s done:


Part 2 of my discoveries in Medellin come from Dani and I in catering. I discovered one of my new favorite foods! The granadilla! It’s a fruit native to Bolivia, Venezuela, and Colombia and tastes similar to a passionfruit but is sweeter!


The granadilla has black seeds on the inside and surrounded by a pulp. It may look weird but it’s so yummy and packed with Vitamins C, A, and K, phosphorus, iron, and calcium! As you can see by this video however, I need to work on my eating technique of this fruit. That last bite wasn’t so lady like.. :p

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Backstage Experience: Medellin, Colombia”

  1. The Maracujá is a powerful natural calming and very tasty even.
    U can do this juice with pulp will turn yellow and little black specks, you pass in a colander. A delight … In Brazil we do more juice …

  2. My hubby is Peruvian, and he introduced me to the wonder that is Maracuja juice – how have I lived the majority of my life without this stuff? I could live in Peru just for their food and of course jugo de maracuj 😉 Glad you enjoyed it!

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