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Belo Horizonte Adventure!

Today was our day off in Belo Horizonte and it was such a blast! Brazil, you are such a beautiful country with amazing people! At first I didn’t think anything was going to happen outside of the hotel today, since we’re all pretty unfamiliar with Belo Horizonte, but it turned out to be a day full of adventure, thanks to our lovely tour guide, Raquel!
Let’s start at the beginning. First was the Central Market:

My mind goes into overdrive whenever I’m in a market, especially a fun one like this! There were so many colors, scents, shapes and sizes.. I wanted to try everything! (I’m not kidding, our tour guide Raquel was like “wow she really does want to eat everything doesn’t she?!”) Starting with empadas.. the perfect balanced bite of crusty dough, salty beef, and melty creamy cheese. Ah, heaven! Rie wanted to get more to bring home, they were so good! Here’s Rie, Bibi, Raquel, and myself:


Next up was the Brazilian cachaca, explained to me by Raquel:

We chased our empadas with the sweetest pineapple I’ve ever tasted. yum!





Not only were there lots of yummy things to eat, but there were lots of babies! Here’s Larry’s new friend:


Our next stop on the Belo Horizonte Adventure was to hear a little bit of a very happening Brazilian pop band, Jota Quest play in the park!



Continuing on in our music/food/adventure filled day, we stopped to enjoy acai bowls with granola and banana! Apparently the acai fruit is known in the amazon as the “viagra of the amazon”.. Little fun fact for ya.. 😉 lol!


The best part about eating this antioxidant packed snack is the color it turns your tongue..


After that we took a drive with Praca Do Papas in mind as our destination and took in the scenery and happened to take a roller coaster ride! (??) I mean, we drove down the steepest hill I’ve ever seen in my life. The one in the video yelling “we’re all gonna die”.. yeah, that’s me.


Belo Horizonte, thank you for an amazing adventure packed day filled with food, music, breathtaking views, a rich culture, and lots of love. My heart goes out to you and I cannot wait to play for you all tomorrow night!
Eu amo voce!

23 thoughts on “Belo Horizonte Adventure!”

  1. Vc is beautiful!!!!!!
    I am very happy you enjoyed my city, it’s a shame not found …
    Please, please … tell Larry and Laurent also they have passionate fans here! And I am one! On weekends the center is isolated and occurs festival street dancing … They need to come to Brazil, not only Rio and São Paulo, Belo Horizonte but too. Let’s love!!
    I can not talk to them on the Net, there are many fakes.
    I live close to the hotel and my daughter saw the sacad nearly died lol
    I would love to see you, but tomorrow it is impossible, I believe … at night will see you in Minerão!
    Luck and peace!
    Sorry the bad english

  2. I loved your videos and photos! Belo Horizonte is really an amazing city. If I’ve had cross path with you guys I sure will scream like crazy, hahaha! See you tomorrow in the concert!

  3. It’s so beautiful the way you show you impression and reaction about my country’ stuffs. My advise for you is go out to party, meet sertanejo music and forró dance what’s very strong in Brazil! So calliente and great moves. Waiting to see you all in Brasília DC. At the most beautiful stadium of brazil (estadio nacional mane garrincha)

    ♡Love♥! Zecasmendes (follow on instagram)

  4. Uallll… Wanted to be seen as the central market, this expectation was there yesterday. I’m glad you enjoyed our land and we are so eager to see them and hear them tonight … not slept!

  5. Que prazer ter todos vocês em nossa cidade!!!! Não só como trabalho mas, aproveitando tudo que nós temos de melhor…os morros kkkkk, a comida, a música e o nosso calor e carinho por quem quer que seja…Pena que pensei que isso jamais aconteceria senão teria ido pras ruas atrás de vocês!!!!! Enfim aproveitem Minas Gerais é assim quem conhece não esquece jamais.

  6. I’m so glad you girls liked Belo Horizonte! I can see that you had loads of fun! Your welcome to come back anytime 🙂

    Oh and that hill was nothing really. That are others far worse than that hehehe!

  7. I was in the square to show the Jota Quest. I was so mad that the show did not even see you there. Glad you enjoyed my city and tanned. I too enjoyed your work on the show. It was great!! I hope you come back soon with Bey!
    And take advantage of the nearby cities!

    Ludmila Andrade

  8. Thank you for all this affection for us Belo Horizonte. I was close to you at Freedom Square and I live in the neighborhood across from the Hotel Ouro Minas, but you were looking in the opposite direction, just not finding them. The show was wonderful, amazing, all perfect, professional and charismatic
    I was depressed and left there so happy. You waved off, Larry and Laurent saw my posters … Very happy! Thank you so much!
    Les Twins yelled, screamed his name, Bibi, Ashley … Everyone!!!
    Whoa! Beyonce has the most wonderful staff I’ve ever seen! Deserve honor.
    The Rio de Janeiro is breathtaking, will watch and enjoy the Rock ‘in Rio! Shine forever!!
    God bless you

  9. Hi Adi!
    I am Joana, from BH! First, congratulations on the concert Wednesday. It was FANTASTIC. I really like Beyoncé but I have to say, the band is also AMAZING!
    Second, I really like the blog, the food and the experience you are sharing. I am also 23 years old and I can only imagine the experience you are having traveling the world and playing. Keep writing!
    Third and last, you know the hills you passed by? It is really close to house, I have to pass there pretty much everyday! I didn’t believe when I saw the video, such a coincidence! And, I have to say, I never had the courage to drive up that street, only down!

    • Hi Joana!
      Thank you very much for all of your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the concert and my blog. I really loved your city and hope to return soon! Including those hills! See you soon! A

  10. Glad to hear you liked Brazil and Belo Horizonte.
    I’m from Fortaleza, hopefully next tour knows a little of my beautiful city. I went to the show in Fortaleza and Brasilia, had the opportunity to know the Bibi and Crystal Torres in Fortaleza. I also met Ashley, Kimmie, Kim Gingras, Sarah Alice and Hannah at the airport in Brasilia. I hope someday to meet you too. God bless you. xoxo

  11. Thank for your visit en my city.. I love you so much.. come back soon pleaseeeeeeeeeee… Kisses…

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