Caracas, Venezuela and Medellin, Colombia

I know I’m a little late on your post, Venezuela! Thank you for the most adventurous show I’ve ever experienced! I’m grateful for you! At this point in the tour, just the traveling alone is enough to wear you out.. So I decided to stay in the hotel for our time in Caracas, but loved experiencing the mountains of Venezuela on the way from the airport to the hotel!


While at the hotel I had some pretty good food! I think one of the top dishes of this leg so far is this one: crema de auyama: (pumpkin soup)


It was the most comforting dish and reminded me of home. (Can you tell I’ve gotten a little homesick, yet? Lol) Comes with the territory.
One of the best moments in Caracas was going to Benihana with Rie and sitting next to two couples from Venezuela (both speaking Spanish and one couple knew Italian too) Rie didn’t know a word of Spanish or Italian.. And mine is very broken in both languages, yet we had a full dinner’s conversation talking about where we were from and how we like South America and all.. What an adventure that was. Rie and I left the dinner and she said “Adison, that was SO MUCH FUN! Like one giant game of charades!” Hahaha and it was!



Today is actually the day of the show in Colombia.. So I hope you guys are ready, Medellin! We got here yesterday, after the quickest plane ride I’ve ever experienced.. (2 hrs but I was passed out for the entire thing) I fell asleep before the plane took off and when it landed, I woke up and started freaking out because I didn’t know where I was, but the more alarming question was, who was underneath my bed shaking it. I really thought I was being attacked by the boogie monster. (Rough, I know). To give you a better idea of my flying experience yesterday.. here’s Mr Bear and I after 2 hrs of sleep and waiting for 5 hours in the airport. Wait, this one needs a proper intro.

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you the most glamorous part of the road..


I’m going for Miss America with that shot.. Jeez Louise. My point is people.. Is that this job isn’t all makeup, heels, and fabulousness. It involves a whole LOT of looking like that. Anywho..

Luckily I woke up enough to experience the winding mountainous roads and beautiful landscape of Colombia. I wouldn’t of been able to sleep even if I wanted to the way the bus driver, Weavie Wonder (ba dum psh) was flying around the corners like we were in an Aston Martin.. Plus the whizzing by of the motorcyclists.. Turning the corners like they’re in a video game and going by so quickly it sounded like a bumble bee was permanently in my ear. The views and the weather were stunning, though:




I’m looking forward to playing for you tonight, Colombia!
Have a beautiful Sunday, all!

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  1. HAHAHA! You’re so right about the motorcycles! And the curves, it all seemed like a racing scene in a video game to me. I’m from Colombia but it was my first time going to Medellin by plane and actually needing to take Las Palmas road, which is the one you were talking about! I was so excited but yet so dizzy; It seems so easy for them to ride at that speed, and from my point of view it’s easy to believe they advance through the road in an almost horizontal position!

    Anyway I wanted to congratulate you for this blog, it’s actually very entertaining and it give us the chance to meet the world along with you, and while doing so you open our apetite too! That last video you uploaded it’s hilarious, Larry, Rie, Lau and Crystal seemed so happy with their tacos!
    It’s a shame that you guys were here for such a short period of time, and even though granadilla it’s a delicious fruit, I invite you to come back someday and try the many other delicious plates you can find in colombian gastronomy, from the “bandeja paisa” which you can find in Medellín, to the “pescao’ frito y arroz de coco” in Cartagena, and when it comes to dessert and sweets…mmm!

    About the show, it was AMAZING, and I know it’s been a month but just now I got the chance to write. The whole thing was an unforgetable experience, and by the end of the show, a friend and I got to see you guys going into the trucks, you all said hi to us, dancers and musicians,(we were on the top of some white barriers, screaming our lungs off =D), and by that I say thank you, you all made that experience even more valuable.

    I hope you’re enjoying the rest of the tour and can’t wait to see the many other places, plates, fruits and food you’ll get to discover along the way!

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