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On The Run: Paris and a new chapter in Toscana

This post is more of a journal entry. Something that I felt the need to write, because my heart is heavy. This past weekend completed a 2 year journey working with Beyonce. Having completed two tours with Beyonce and one with JayZ (Mrs Carter Show/On The Run), I have experienced so many incredible things, have traveled the world many times, and have gained the most incredible family. The end of the tour kind of snuck up on me, and I didn’t expect it. It wasn’t until about a year into the tour that I really started opening my eyes to how incredible my job and my life really is. I was still adjusting to being out in the real world. However, being on the road for 2 years didn’t feel like real life. It honestly felt like an extension of school.

Just like the rest of my tour family we’ve had ups and downs, amazing shows, great traveling experiences and not so good ones.. we’ve experienced heartbreak, we’ve fought, and experienced the most incredible highs one could imagine. I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the amazing people I’ve met. I’ve experienced love from so many fans and people around the globe…language barrier or not.

This post was prompted by me sitting in my Italian class this morning in Tuscany.. (yes, I moved to Tuscany.. for a little while anyway). Everyone in the class was introducing themselves to each other, and then it came my turn. People asked why I was there and what I do, etc. So I stumbled through telling them about my adventure in the past two years in broken italian.. and that is when I realized that that chapter of my life is over (for now anyway).. I haven’t accepted that yet. Yes, when one door closes another opens, and I’m excited about a new beginning, however.. I wasn’t ready for that life to end. I wasn’t ready to leave my sisters in the band.. I wasn’t ready to not wake up, go to soundcheck, play a show, etc. But what can you do? I’m so grateful to Beyonce for not only giving me the opportunity to play, but more for just bringing me together with my family. We have become a family. I’m so grateful and blessed for being able to have had that experience.. and it’s certainly not over. But you have to understand, before I joined Beyonce, I was still in school.. so this is really the first time in my life I have no strings attached to anything or anyone. It’s so freeing. It’s overwhelming. It’s exciting. It’s petrifying.

Which brings me here.. To Toscana. In my house on top of many hills.. with the most amazing view that I didn’t think existed in real life. Yet, here I am. I cook. I learn Italian. I play music. I write music.. I meet new people. It’s an amazing life. As they say here.. “prima o poi le cose belle finiscono” which means “now or later all of the beautiful things end”.
Anyway.. enough of that. I’m working on the next few episodes of the cooking show..which will air soon! I have so much love for all of the fans and friends that have followed my journey the past 2 years.. It’s not over yet.. So stay tuned!! Thank you all for your support!

P.s. To my sisters.. Rie, Katty, Crystal, Bibi, Joy, LT, Dani, Tiffany, Crissy, Montina..I love you with ALL of my heart. God blessed me with you all in my life. See you really soon.. one way or another!10685792_10202672571963194_8656351411958126434_n

Con molto amore (with much love),

8 thoughts on “On The Run: Paris and a new chapter in Toscana”

  1. Hi Adison!
    I loved Reading your article about your journey. While being part of the whole ‘dream’ you don’t realise what’s happening and Where you are part of. Now you do, and it’s amazing how you write that down! I have seen and heard (!) you three times, you were amazing! I love to hear that you are experiencing another journey in Italy, I hope it’s going to be amazing! If it isn’t already(;
    I hope to meet you one day, Maybe on another tour…in a few years?
    Carolijn (Beyhiveholland)

    • Thank you Carolijn! It was an amazing experience! Italy was incredible too! Sorry for the late reply, as I am just settling back into New York now and getting back into this blog! I will be around, so keep in touch! thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Oh man you can really feel how hard this farewell must have been… The great thing about you as a band is the fact that you also appeared on stage as a family. You could always tell that you guys love each other and that you were having a good time onstage.
    Always remember that you’ve become someone who sets an example for other young people like me who are working hard. At the age of 23 you have already experienced so many amazing things and nobody’s gonna take those experiences away from you!
    Please always stay the same: a motivating, disciplined and humble person who is full of the joys of life.

    Thanks Adi!

  3. Reminds me of my younger years back when i was still in the university back home studying. I was a part time roadie/soundtech/guitartech for local bands back home. I guess the experience of being out on the road with these people gave me a taste of life outside school. But the blessing was i found a FAMILY that took me under their wing and helped me through all of it and teached me everything i need to learn about the business. But i guess the best blessing i had was all of the tourcrew was very supportive of me and was always telling me, “this is not a permanent job, enjoy the moment, save up some cash, and continue your studies, your university diploma will be your greatest gift to us, you’ll remember us for this” after 4 years being on tour and saving up, i went back and finished my studies, and i will always be grateful to god for the experience and letting me meet people whom i call a true supportive family..

    • I know exactly what you mean! It’s true. My grandma always says.. your education and the knowledge that you gain is something no one can take away from you! Thanks for sharing your story and stopping by! Best,A

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